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 About Jill Hinckley

Founder, New England Matchmaker and Dating Coach

I was brought up in Southwest Harbor, Maine. My family owned and operated Hinckley Yachts, a company started by my Grandfather in 1928. Consequently, the boat business has been a really important part of my life. After years of being part of the boating community, I adapted skills that prepared me well to become a recruiter for the Marine Industry, an experience that allowed me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. At Hinckley Introductions, I use my networking skills to focus on the personal and rewarding experience of working with single people in my continually growing network.


Connecting People on a Personal and Meaningful Level.


Introductory Phone Call with Jill

This is a 20 minute phone call to answer any questions you may have about my program. Looking forward to learning more about you.

Jill Hinckley

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If you're interested in Matchmaking, you can start by joining our complimentary registry. We work with a limited number of matchmaking clients at a time, so it's important to understand that simply being in the registry is not necessarily a proactive approach to finding your match, but it's possible!

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Make Your Match

For those that would like to take a more proactive approach to finding their match.

This is a growing community of Matchmakers and Love Coaches working together to help you Make Your Match!

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You can also join the Clubhouse App and follow our Make Your Match Club! We're Matchmakers and Dating Coaches here to be your panel of experts.

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