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Thank you for your interest in Hinckley Introductions! Here are the programs that we offer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

                       Jill Hinckley 

Services and Fees

Our Registry- It is free to be a guest in our registry. Will we contact you if we have a client that is a possible match.

Link to join our registry:   Join our Registry

Consultation with Jill-This is a 60 minute Zoom call with Jill to create a dating strategy for you. (145.00)

Link to sign up for consultation:  Consultation with Jill

Online Support-For those that would like help managing their online accounts. (4500.00 for three months)

Coaching and Online Support-This program is for those that would like to go online and also have Dating and Relationship Coaching. (6500.00 for three months)

Matchmaking-For those that would like to hire Jill to be their personal matchmaker. (12,000.00+ for six to twelve months)

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