My Valentine's Day Love Letter To You:

Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, a day to spend with the ones we love, a day to reflect and dream. Love is obscure. It grabs a hold of us and we are forever changed. Love shows up in so many ways. There is love in the form of admiration, admiration for the elderly or a fond respect for a hometown hero. There is love for adventure and new beginnings, as well as love for nostalgia and quiet old roads that wind to a familiar destination. Love can look so many different ways and yet not be seen at all. There is the love you have for a dear friend, an old companion, or a beloved pet. There is love for summer night skies and walks along the beach. There is love for the world and time spent on the back porch. And then there is the love that encapilates you, that makes you feel alive and has your heart feel whole. The love that fills you up, warms your soul, and teaches you about life. Love is so unique, so special, and so deeply intertwined with connection. We are all looking for love. We have all loved and been loved. Some loves are fiery and some burn out rather quickly. Some are distant and some are short lived. Some show up just when you need it most and some are divinely created like a story too beautiful not to tell. Some are quiet and some are loud. And some are tender and some are proud. But one thing remains the same. We are the ones who create the love and we can create a love that is here to stay. On this day, this February 14th of the year 2021, let’s come together to celebrate love in all of its forms. To honor the love that we have had and share the love that we experience. To take note of the beauty in each sunrise, to thank our essential workers who make our day a little bit lighter, and greet our neighbors who make our day a little bit brighter. To take these as signs of the love that surrounds us. To our children that have taught us lessons to our grandchildren we have yet to meet. Let this be a day that we celebrate all that is and all that will be. To love and to be loved. That is the most important lesson of them all.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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