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For many women with a full-time job, children or other responsibilities, finding time to date can seem nearly impossible. At the same time, some women would argue that even scoring a worthy candidate is challenging.

That’s where so-called “matchmakers” come in.

Jill Hinckley, a self-described “networker” and owner of J Hinckley Introductions in Portland, a boutique agency that specializes in networking single people in New England, said matchmaking is an “old-fashioned” term she generally steers away from. Hinckley starts by setting up a meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss with clients...

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3 Maine Matchmakers

I spend most of my day as a health coach, digital strategy consultant, and human being giving advice. It can be hard to turn it off sometimes, so if I’ve ever cornered you in a bar and given you random unsolicited advice, I apologize.

This week I found myself giving the same piece of advice over and over to people in different worlds about different things, but it all boiled down to one simple tenant: Do more of what you’re good at, and lean on people who are amazing at what they do. Don’t try to be good at everything, it never works out the way you want it to.

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Couples that Click

On a whim ,  RoseMarie Carver, a sophomore in college at the time, and her best friend decided to sign up for several online dating sites—eHarmony, Match, OKCupid.

RoseMarie grew up on Beals Island and said the dating pool there was more like a wading pool. “Most of the people are either related to you, or there’s just not enough people your age to seek an interest in somebody, even for friendship,” she said. “I tried online dating because I wanted to meet people outside of Downeast Maine.”

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